Monday, July 18, 2011

Pics from random hikes

Some pics from past hikes. Not so much gear or knife shots here, more wildlife and landscapes :)

Shots from home 1. Taken a few miles from where I live

Shots from home 2

Sun and moon 1

Sun and moon 2. (Kuusamo, Finland)

Adder... one of the few dangerous animals of southern Finland 

Reindeer. One of the not-so-dangerous animals of northern Finland.
(Kuusamo, Finland)

Reindeer skull (Kuusamo, Finland)

Wild edibles. Lingonberries and chantarelles

Wild edible with a deadly twist.
Korvasieni, or Gyromitra esculenta is deadly poisonous when prepared  incorrectly.

Damn sheeple!
On some of the islands of Turku Archipelago there are wild herding  sheep.
While not dangerous, these guys are used to humans and can be a little too nosey.
So, best not to leave your back untended

Two ways of crossing swamps 1:
During winter its easiest to walk on frozen swamp ditches.
That is, as long as they really are frozen... 

Two ways of crossing swamps 2:
Summertime its best to stay on the "pitkospuut".
Some of the swamps are basically unaccesible, and potentially dangerous places.
When on "pitkospuut", unfasten your backpack waist strap, just in case.

Firesteel + Tupasvilla (Hare's-tail Cottongrass), works just as well as cotton balls.


  1. Hi there, you guys have a wonderful blog.
    I am a big fan of Finland and have spend my holidays for the last three years there.
    Going back in a few weeks for a canoe trip in the Saimaa area.
    Best greetings from The Netherlands.

  2. Hi Martijn!
    Thanks for your kind words! Glad you like our blog so far, and glad you like Finland. :) I checked out your blog too, very nice trips and pics!

  3. Thanks. I've just started this blogging thing a few months ago. And so there are many more posts of trips to be made :)