Friday, June 3, 2011

Miscellanious debris

Past projects and adventures in pictorial format.

Adu: My girlfriend's sister asked me to make a puukko for her. Her favourite color is purple, so I dyed the sheat accordingly

Adu: The easiest wood-burning stove ever: an Ikea utensils stand filled with twigs, a couple of metallic tent sticks, and a US Army cup.

Adu: Things found in the woods, part 1: A sight not so uncommon in the western parts of Finland. These rock-piles are called Pirunpelto, i.e. "devil's fields". According to current knowledge, they are ancient sea shores, dating back app. 6000 years.

Adu: Things found in the woods, part 2: A rare pine... pines. 

Adu: Landscapes from typical Finnish "rahka", i.e. swamp

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